Looking at the Field Trips of 2011

This year 2011 has been a year with many new experiences for everyone in my family. Early Spring 2011 my family and I  traveled to Central California and had a blast visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Mystery Spot and Dennis the Menace Park.  Along the way up and coming home we visited the Missions that are along the California Coast. Each Mission was rich with history and spirit. One mission was so unique it had a secret passage. We accidentally used it. It was closed off to the public, but we had to go to the bathroom and got lost. By accident we found the secret passage. We completely found that experience amazing. Then Summer 2011 came and we spent days at the beach, gardens and parks enjoying the sun and water. The pool in our Irvine Community was not bad either. We did lots of swimming. (I did lots of watching not swimming.) Then as soon as September came it was back to school volunteering and running around driving kids to and from school. In all that crazy family life I added work and blogging. My family and I have had a successful year full of love, compassion, friendship and most of all of memories. My family and I want to wish you a very successful 2012 full of Love, Compassion, Friendship and lots of fun field trip memories.  Happy New Year!

Olden Days

Mystery Spot not a Mystery any more

Residents of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Call us Farmers

Too Young and Too Old to go on this ride.

We were invited to an exclusive kids playground!

 A few miles from home.

Muy bueno! My new thing...

Can you say Creative writing. Fair winner!!!

Zoomar's resident. Please be nice!!

Add painter and artist to hubby's title.

Greek Celebration in Irvine. You should go once.
Downtown Los Angeles, California

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