What I am most thankful for this holiday season...

Let's begin with saying "Thank You"!

I want to say thank you to all who have read my blog and who continue to read it. I hope that my writing inspires and touches you. My hope is to challenge you to do more and love more.  

What you should know is that every post that has been written was done with fear. I was fearful no one would read them.  As of today "Field Trip Mom" has received hundreds of visitors on this blog. I am very thankful to all who have read my posts. 

Thank you!!!

What makes me so Thankful this holiday season:

The luckiest girl is me! I am married to a wonderful man who supports my Lucille Ball hair-brain ideas and does not complain. 
I am thankful for him and for his love. He loves me unconditionally and with all his heart. (Tim, I hope you know I love you with all my heart too!)

The luckiest mom in the world is me! My oldest son told me the other day he loves his life. He gave me a hug and said he always loves to go places. My youngest son tells me I am the most beautiful mommy. I won the lottery when it comes to having a fun and loving family. Love my kids to the end of the Universe and back.
I have the best friends a girl could ever have in the world. Although I can't name all that inspire me, but I will name a few: Araceli, Brenda, Cathy, Janiece, Letty, Paula, Rachel, Senida, Susan, Violeta and Mrs.Hui have believed in me and have encourage my hair-brain ideas. These ladies are only a few of many great people that are in my life. They love me just the way I am with all my faults. Great people who have shown me unconditional love. I am thankful for having them in my life. Thank you!

In the end I am thankful for all the things I did not get, because things happen for a reason. Thank you God for all your blessings and all your gifts.

Happy Holidays!!!

Alma like Alma Mater

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