Candy Cane Making Field Trip to Logan's Candy Shop

Christmas and Candy Cane's go hand in hand.  Today, I took my friends and family to a very special place where they make candy cane's by hand.  Logan's Candy Shop is located at 125 W. "B" Street, Ontario, Ca 91762.  Every winter Jerry, the shop owner, hosts handmade candy demonstrations most evenings at his candy store.  Reservations can usually be made starting in September by calling the store.  If you have a small party or it is late fall, you may want to call to see if he has any cancellations.

The candy cane demonstration begins outside the shop.  Patrons gather outside the big store windows to see the candy maker twist, mold and create sweet treats for us.  The moment is very magical with the cold weather outside and festive candy being made. Standing there you will want to reach in and take a bite.  Be patient kiddos, everyone gets to try warm, freshly made peppermint candy canes as part of the tour.

After watching the candy being boiled in a large copper kettle, poured onto the cool granite counter top and folded over and over on the table, we were escorted inside to see the rest of the demonstration.  Jerry made the whole process seem effortless.  In what seemed just a few minutes, he had us tasting fresh candy canes. 

In the picture above, you can see all the beautiful candy canes ready for tasting.  There weren't any candies left after we got done sampling. This was a field trip we won't soon forget.  The experience got us into the spirit of the season.  Happy Holidays.

Here is video from 2010 found on YouTube for you:

Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored event. We paid a group rate to attend this demonstration. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.
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