Mystery Reader

 I had the privilege to volunteer for Mystery Reader for my son's 2nd grade classroom. There were clues that were given to the kids about who the mystery reader might be. The classroom had to guess who would be reading that afternoon. To make things interesting, I decided to dress-up in a funny hat and funny glasses. The book was themed for the Halloween season. I had bought erasers, pencils and silly bands to give out after the read. In my head I had it all planned out. But it did not go as I had planned it. I am glad it did not.

My  husband had surprised me and took time off work to be the mystery reader and take my place.  I later realized that he knew I would be very nervous.  I became aware of my fear once I got there and all eyes were on us. In that moment, I was super glad I was not reading and that my husband had decided to take over.  I think what caught me so off guard was the surprise look from the substitute teacher, when we entered in with our disguises.  She looked almost in shock! The kids became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. As my husband sat there and read the book "The Three Bears Halloween", the kids began to breath again and smile. The kids in the classroom realized that we were there for them  to read stories and entertain them.  My husband read wearing big clown glasses and a cape becoming the Super Mystery Reader. He stayed in his character until the end. It was so successful that the kids asked for another book to be read by Super Mystery Reader. Mystery Reader was a huge success. I am glad my plans changed and my husband decided to read instead.  I hope I get to volunteer my husband again. :)

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