Just Add Water and Watch it Grow 600 %

At the beginning of the summer, I took the kids to the local Dollar Tree store.  he Dollar Store  is a place where everything is under a dollar.  I gave them each $5.00 to spend as they wished.  I wanted to teach  them about money, how it works, tax and appropriate interaction with the cashier.  The lesson was to shop for the best deal and come home with money left over.  My oldest picked (3) items and my youngest child picked (2) two items.  Each paid for their items separately and got change back.  I was very proud that they remembered to stick to their budget.  I myself had grabbed a few things and was excited about my awesome deals.  I got plastic clear dishes, gift bags and some household items.  Overall the shopping experience was a success.
As we drove home, I noticed that the kids were talking about their purchases. They discussed about watering them, taking care of them and how fun it would be.  I thought they were kidding around.  It sounded rather strange that they would water a toy?

We arrived home and parked the car.  The kids immediately jumped out of the car and ran to the bathroom.  The (4) year old grabbed a plastic container and the older one started ripping his toy package open.  I could not believe how excited they were about a plastic toy.   I watched as they both soaked the plastic crab in the water and off they went to play with Legos.
I thought the whole thing was really strange.  Later, at dinner they talked to their dad about how they bought a sea creature that would be large by the end of the day.  I thought they were making up a fun story and my husband did not say much to them about their finds.  He probably thought they were being creative.
Bath time came and off we went to bathe the kids.  Oh my, nine hours later and their was a large sea creature in our bathtub.  It was the plastic toy my sons had purchased at the dollar store.  It had been soaking in water all day long and now it was (3) times as big.
I was a little shocked that it was true.  Just add water and watch it grow 600%.  WOW!!!
All summer long they watered their sea creature (crab) until it started to break apart.  I eventually threw it away but since then we have bought more.  Just Add Water and Watch it Grow was lots of fun.  If you get a chance I suggest you try it at least once.  We have since tried, "hatch a dino egg", "dino watch it grow" and now we have a "sting ray watch it grow". 
Dollar stores are fun and amazing for kids to find creative toys on a budget.  This project was an inexpensive way to teach the value of money to your kids as well as learning about animals and the chemical reactions water has on these toys!!! 
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