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Backyard Learning - Bugs and Lizard

This week we started to say good bye to summer and began learning about bugs. We took to a friends backyard and explored the gardens to find the creatures that live near us. To our surprise they were willing to be photographed with us.  Here is what happen:
A baby lizard made himself available to the kids in the backyard. He jumped on Issac's leg and would not let go.  Issac was able to calmly bring him inside the house to show us what he had found. Of course, I jumped and screamed like a little girl. But soon realized I was the adult. So I quickly escorted the lizard outside to be free. But the (4) boys playing outside want to get to know him more. So I began to discuss the lizard. How long was his tail. How did his skin look and feel. Why was he a sun worshiper. What do baby lizards eat?  Each boy held the lizard and asked questions. Until someone set him down and the baby lizard ate an ant in front of the boys. Then it was decided that it was time to let him go. But it was lots of fun for the boys to have held a lizard for a little while.

Then came the grasshopper. He was tricky. He jumped from place to place and would not let the boys catch him.  Watching the boys try to come up with the plan to out smart the Grasshopper was pretty cute.   Here he is before jumping off....
He was later spotted in his home which is the  Oregano planter. Can you spot him?

Playing in the backyard was lots of fun for the boys. They had hoped to find a ladybug, but not this time.

 Books that you can read to your kids to help them understand Bugs. They both have great pictures and kids love to hear the stories. Use a fun voice when you read it with them. Have fun reading and learning along side your kids.

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