Family field trip: Orange picking in the city of La Verne.

Family field trip - Orange picking in the city of La Verne will transport you to the "Citrus Era" of Southern California dating back to the 1800's. La Verne Heritage Park is open from January 6th through March 2018 (while supplies last). The park is open only on weekends. There is no fee to enter and anyone can walk around or enjoy a picnic lunch. Bags of oranges are $5.00, the mesh bags and the picking poles are supplied at the entrance of the park. They also offer a small sample of the current crop. 
La Verne
The facility offers picnic tables to sit to enjoy the surroundings. We sat down for a bit and marveled at the beauty of the place. The orange trees are beautiful. It is evident that the crop is delicate and strong at the same time because of the age of the trees and delicious fruit. When you visit the farm, you will notice the tree trunks have a smooth, soft look to them. We are astonished at all the history they carry with them. Just beautiful and amazing orange trees that have been feeding the community for many years. 

Our family has been visiting the park for the last (9) years. It is a family tradition to go on opening day. We go to rest our minds and take in the beauty of the grove. It is not a very large farm. There is a 100 plus-year-old home on site to tour by appointment only and a few farm animals. The best, of course, is the delicious oranges, grapefruit, and splendor of the place. 

We recommend you call before you plan your visit. The farm is small, opens only on weekends, and they close once they run out of oranges. 

For only $5.00 per bag, you can pick oranges and grapefruit. It is recommended that you purchase several for a family of four. We ate (5) oranges just sitting in the car and another (4) at breakfast the next morning.  The bags hold 18 to 24 oranges dependent on the size you pick and how you pack the bag. This years orange crop is delicious.  We don't think that the season on this farm will last all the way until March. (Go before March.)
orange grove
La Verne

Heritage Park
5001 Vía De Mansion, La Verne, CA 91750
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Date/Time: 10:00am until 2:00pm Call ahead
Saturdays only beginning January 6, 2018, and continuing approximately until the beginning of March.

Contact Information:
For more information call (909) 293-9005

Fees/Admission: Bags of oranges are $5, and mesh bags and the picking poles are supplied.

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