Cabazon, California is home to iconic roadside art and museum!

Cabazon, California is home to some of the largest dinosaur art pieces that we have ever seen. Mr. Rex and Dinny have been greeting road trip folks since 1975. These gentle giants reside outside a small museum offering kids and adults a fun experience. Most people consider this a nice break from driving long distances. Nearby, there is a Burger King restaurant and Hadley's Fruit Orchard for people to grab a bite to eat. The area is an unofficial rest stop for drivers on the 10 freeway.  Not too far from the Cabazon Dinosaurs, you can take a longer break with a stay at the Morongo Casino and Spa. Neighboring the casino is the Cabazon Outlet Mall, which is a giant outdoor shopping oasis hosting many famous name brand products. Both the casino and outlet shops are usually packed with people enjoying staycations. 
Artist, creator and sculptor of these realistic roadside attractions, Claude Bell, worked and retired from Knott's Berry Farm.  We find this Knott's Berry Farm connection very interesting. Mr. Bell was inspired by his childhood love of "Lucy the Elephant," a landmark in New Jersey, that is part of Zoomorphic Architecture royalty. The sculptors took approximately (11) eleven years to design and create Mr. Rex and Dinny. When you see these gentle giants, it is evident that lots of love and creativity went into bringing them to life. 

We recommend that you stop by and take a selfie with Mr. Rex and Dinny. There is no charge for photo taking. Admission to the museum is $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for children under 12 years old. You will find a small store inside the museum to buy souvenirs. 

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