Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is an educational and entertaining family hot spot.  As you walk through the doors of the Medieval Times Castle, you feel as though you have stepped into the past; a past filled with rich history showcasing Kings, Princesses, Knights and Lords.  The castle is filled with beautiful paintings, kingdom artifacts, coat of arms art work, battle gear and armor from the 11th Century Middle Ages.  Educational topics that can be found in this fun and entertaining arena include knighthood & heraldry, feudalism, medieval feasts, history, falconry, weaponry & combat and horsemanship.  The experience will make your heart jump from the live performance. 

Disclaimer: Sponsored post.  We were provide (4) free meals and show in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Some of the inspiration we saw first-hand included knighthood and heraldry. This is first introduced as you are welcomed into the castle as the ladies assign you a crown that reflects the knight that you will be cheering for during the entertainment.  Another inspiration that is introduced relating to the Middle Ages is the fight for land and safety of the kingdom.  Feudalism becomes evident as the knights fight for their kingdom.  Feudalism was a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries.  The nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles.  Peasants (villains or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord's land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce in exchange for military protection.  The tournament depicts the lives of the Middle Ages and does an excellent job protraying feudalism of the time. 

During the knighthood tournament, a Medieval feast is served which includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, a pastry of the castle for dessert, coffee and two rounds of select beverages.  In addition, Medieval Times offers a full-service bar for adult guests so you can order your ale for your special event.  Vegetarian meals are also available upon request.  Just as in the middle ages, there are no spoons or forks, everyone enjoys this wonderful feast with their bare hands. 

The tournament is two hour story of jousting, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, extraordinary horsemanship and falconry set in Medieval Spain.  The swordsmanship comes to life in the arena during combat. Two knights duel in the middle of the arena to win the tournament.  During the tournament, horses and knights are paired for an amazing display of horsemanship as the animal’s gallop and race at a their riders command.  The rich history can be seen in the clothing, swordsmanship, food and language.  It is a live representation of what a knight's tournament might have represented during the European middle ages.  It is as though history is coming to life in our modern world.

For an amazing field trip through history, dinner and show, book your reservations with Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament today.  Medieval Times is located at 7662 Beach Blvd Buena Park, CA  and select markets across the Nation including Dallas, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando and more.
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