Sriracha Factory Field Trip IrwindaIe , California.

Sriracha factory tour / family field trip in Irwindale, California is a spicy event. Huy Fong Foods, maker of the famous Sriracha spicy sauce, opens it's doors every fall during their harvest. This year we signed up for the fall tour months and months before the big event. The family field trip proved to be exciting and filled with hands-on learning. We witnessed how red jalapenos go from delivery to Sriracha sauce in a few minutes.  

The plant is approximately 650,000 square feet in size. As you walk through the factory you can smell the spicy sauce. 

The Sriracha Factory, owned by Huy Fong Foods, opens it's doors to the public during the jalapeno harvest. They have sign-ups months in advance for this exciting event. This year's Fall tour was filled with music, food and free gifts. My family and I enjoyed the drums of the Dragon Dance performance. The Dragon performance and music followed the visitors throughout the factory engaging the public. The tour was very festive with high energy.

We walked through the factory and followed how they make Sriracha Sauce. It started with trucks filled with mature jalapenos that are red in color. Large machines and bins throughout the factory washed, cut, ground and mixed ingredients.  
We saw first hand how the sauce goes from large blue storage containers into the plastic bottles that consumers use. The process is streamlined and one bottle of sauce is produced in under 5 minutes from beginning to packaging. Note: Inside the plant, near the jalapeno unloading and sauce production, you will need to cover your nose because it can be very spicy.
Sriracha celebrated their 35 years in business by giving everyone a bottle of sauce, one T-shirt and food samples. We all felt very welcomed with all the gifts and food. The food samples that we were offered were Srirach chips, popcorn, beef jerk, chocolate and Ice cream. All of the food had a small spicy Sriracha bite but were delicious. The hands-on experience gave us a new way to look at Jalapenos. 

Tours are available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday to Friday. Visitors must call customer service at (626) 286-8328 to schedule an appointment.

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