The Flintstones &WWE - Stone Age Smackdown

Looking to take Wilma on a long deserved vacation to Rockapoco, Fred tries to ask his boss, Mr, Slate for an advance on his paycheck.  Through a comedy of errors, Fred must pay for damages he causes at the rock quarry.  With the help of his trusty side kick Barney, Fred comes up with a harebrained idea to make enough money to take both families on vacation.  Teaming up with John Cenastone, Marble Henry and the Undertaker, Fred becomes an event promoter for a crowd pleasing wrestling entertainment show worthy of a packed arena.  Family fun for an evening together; you and your kids will laugh your way through the entire movie.

Hanna Barbara, WWE Studios and Warner Bros Studios join together for an amazing stone age movie with a modern storyline.  Available on DVD, Blu Ray and Digital HD via Ultraviolet, this movie is 52 minutes of great Flintstone fun.  Go out today and pick up a copy for this evenings family movie night.

Disclaimer: Fieldtripmom.com received a free Blu Ray copy of this film in exchange for our review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post.  All opinions are our own.

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