Copper Fit Compression Knee Sleeve

Copper Fit Infused Compression Garments is a uni-sex compression sleeve used to help with easier joint movement and pain relief.  Several months back, the kind staff from Copper Fit and Idea Village sent Field Trip Dad the gift of pain management and relief in which I gladly was willing to try.  Field Trip Mom.com was sent a compression knee sleeve in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions and comments are my own and we did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.

Copper Fit compression sleeves infuses copper ions during the manufacturing process which will not easily wash or wear out of the garment even through several washings.  Copper is a natural mineral, environmentally friendly and a required nutrient in our present ecosystem.  For thousands of years, ancient Aztecs, Romans and Egyptians have used copper for many benefits according to Gregor Grass, Christopher Rensing and Marc Solioz in their book Metallic Copper as an Antimicrobial Surface. Applied Environmental Microbiology, March 2011.  Copper provides protection against staining, bacteria, odors and the deterioration of the product.   Copper is non-irritating and a vital nutrient to humans.

Copper Fit uses compression support which has been used by doctors and physical therapists providing muscle and circulatory support.  Compression type products may provide benefits and relief to sore, stiff or painful muscles, improved circulation and assist in muscle strain and fatigue. Results vary person to person.  Seek a professional doctor and/or physical therapist for additional thoughts and opinions before deciding for your unique situation.

As a child, I was outside playing, biking, skating and playing sports with my friends from sun up to sun down during the summers.  Between the ages of 7 and 14, I experienced painful growing pains in my legs and once every couple of months my knees would swell the size of cantaloupe melons, filling with fluid (also called water on the knee.)  This was an extremely painful time for me as a child, I couldn't bend my knees without agonizing pain.  The swelling would come on overnight during my sleep and it would awaken me dramatically in the middle of the night keeping me up for the rest of the early morning hours.  My parents took me to the family doctor on several occasions and the diagnosis was the same every time; he played too hard.  Go home and have him rest.  Typically the swelling would subside a few days later and I would be back to normal until the next occurrence. My parents took me to an orthopedic surgeon after several occurrences in which he wanted to perform exploratory surgery since there were no MRI's during those days and my parents refused to put me through that pain.  Now 40, I have always had knee pain, stiffness and soreness during and after running.  Recently, I was experiencing pain in my knees climbing stairs and decided to go back to an Orthopedic surgeon who took an MRI for me and diagnosed me with a tear in my meniscus which over time semi repaired itself with scar tissue.  The doctor deemed this to not be life threatening nor felt surgery was an option and told me that some day I could potentially re-injure my knee which would then place me in the operating room. He suggested low impact sports as a solution.

I received the Copper Fit compression sleeve for my knee and started using it for exercise on an elliptical machine and while walking up to 5 miles.  My 3 month experience was incredible.  The sleeve provided flexible support to my knee and enough compression to feel as if I was wearing a heavy duty knee brace.  The fabric was moisture wicking so I didn't chaff from sweat during my exercise program.  The Copper Fit compression sleeve is ideal for performance athletes, physical workers and persons who are gracefully aging.  Made from 82% Polyester, 14% Spandex and 4% Copper and other materials, the compression sleeves come in 3 sizes.  They offer products for knees, elbows, ankles, as well as T-Shirts, Shorts and Socks.  The antimicrobial fabric is easy to wash in cold water and dry on low.  I wear my compression sleeve for many activities from exercise to working in the garage to playing handball and biking with the kids.  Whatever your job or activity, 15 or 70, I recommend trying the Copper Fit Compression Garments for easier movement and pain relief.

To learn more, seek additional information from your health care professional or physical therapist. You can find all of the Copper Fit product line at Copper Fit.

Written by contributor and co-owner of Fieldtripmom.com: Tim Bosek
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