Free gardening classes at the Orange County Great Park - Irvine, Ca

Every second Sunday of the month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Orange County Great Park along with UC Master Gardeners offers  FREE  gardening classes to children. This hands-on learning experience is open to children ages 3yrs-9yrs old. The garden is located next to the Great Balloon and Carousel you can't miss it once you park the car.
We attending the January workshop, "Can You Dig It?" was the theme. The workshop taught us about soil, what plants need to grow and how compost happens. There was a Bug Bingo game that had prizes. My kids had a fun time digging, playing bingo and learning about the gardening. 
The workshop offered a take home seed bomb plant. What is that you ask? It is seed rolled onto clay, sand and compost. This is a unique way to start a small garden. We all got to make a seed bomb to take home and plant. It was a great way to practice having a green thumb. Kids are excited to see the plants grow.
After the hands-on lesson we explored the gardens. There were live chickens inside a chicken coup that engaged my kids with different why questions. Questions like why are they different colors? Why can't we feed them? Will they bite us? All important questions for young minds.  Around the bend from the chickens were the avocado trees and artichoke plants. Keep walking and you will see the compost bin filled with worms that you can touch.  Some of the plants have a magnifying glass for kids to see things at a closer view. The garden inside the OC Great Park is the right size for little kids just learning about mother earth.
Your next opportunity to catch these free hands-on experience field trips will be on the following dates.

Garden Detectives 1: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Monarch
Sunday, February 9
Come and investigate the mysteries of the Monarch’s life-cycle and learn how to attract them at home

Growing a Rainbow
Sunday, March 9
Find out all about the wonderful world of flowers, their uses, and how to create a magical floral rainbow of your very own.

Three Sisters Gardening: A Native American Tradition
Sunday, April 13
Native American legend says, corn, beans and squash (the food staples of many Native American cultures) are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive when planted together. Come listen to the legend, absorb the wisdom and reconnect with the land by planting your own Three Sisters Garden for your yard or patio.

Garden Detectives 2: What’s All the Buzzing About?
Sunday, May 11
 Learn about why Bees are important.

The Web of Life
Sunday, June 8
Make your very own Web of Life to take home with you.

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