Testing DerMend skin healing moisturizing cream.

Six weeks ago, I began a testing of a new cream for bruised skin. DerMend is a moisturizing cream.  The ingredients include Arnica oil, cermides, retinol, glycolic acid according to their website. The cream was created to help heal and improve the appearance of a bruise. I was curious because of one of the main ingredients, Arnica oil. Arnica in my family is a must use for bruises and scrapes on the skin.

I remember as a young child getting hurt very badly and my parents rushing to rub Arnica cream on my injury. The smell was so vivid that I tried avoiding getting it on my body. This time, I was pleasantly surprised that DerMend did not have a heavy scent. As I rubbed it on my arm, I could feel a silky blanket protecting my skin. It felt great to my skin. Recently, my son fell down and bruised his knee which I felt confident and applied it on his knee. He doesn’t like creams with strong scent either but since there was no smell, he did not complain about using the product.

Days go by and the bruises have started healing. For best results, I suggest you apply it 2 times a day and keep it open to have air hit the skin. I tested the product because I know many of you want to know about new ways to help your skin. Remember diet, hydration and sleep help your skin stay looking healthy.  DerMend is just an added bonus to help all the other things you are currently doing to care for your skin.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. I received product for review only.
ALL thoughts and ideas are all my own.

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