A takeout container is repurposed into a craft organizer - #recycle #repurpose #takeout

Often I get these great plastic containers with my food when I go out to eat. For years now I have hated to just through them in the trash, because I see the value in reusing them. I used to throw them away like everyone else. The other day we went to a very popular eatery and I got the family special. The meal came in this well organized container. It had rice, pita bread, chicken, salad and dipping sauce. It looked so clean, clear and well organized. The container grabbed my attention, because it looked very easy to grab and carry.  I could not resist taking it home. My husband looked at me with surprise. I am sure he thought, "Oh no what crazy idea does she have now!" Soon he would find out that I saved him a few dollars and the kids loved their easy to use craft organizer.
The idea to repurpose this container happened while eating dinner. The light bulb in my head went off and I saw it as a craft organizer/container.  I could see where things would fit and be easily accessed.  It was lightweight and easy to grab, which made it perfect for little hands. The more I thought about it, the more I could not wait to bring it home and test my idea.
Quickly I washed and dried the container to fill it with crafting supplies that had been forgotten and not used. The kids ran over to see what I was doing and looked excited at their new crafting/paint organizer. I added an old cupcake pan as a paint tray and a clear plastic shower curtain to their crafting/painting bundle. Now when they are bored they grab their crafting/painting supplies and entertain themselves. I should warn you that it's messy, but fun. I did add an old clear shower curtain to the mix. They lay the clear shower curtain underneath as a catch-all rug. This way the mess is easy to clean. This is fun for me too, because I get to see some amazing art! My husband is super happy, because it gave life to old forgotten supplies that were collecting dust.
What can you repurpose, recycle and reuse in your life? 
I wish you a Happy Monday.
Things I used to make it a fun afternoon:
Washable paint
Takeout container
An old cupcake pan
Clear Plastic shower curtain
Pom Poms
Sponges in the shape of fun characters
Art Paper
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is a personal blog. All thought and ideas are all my own. 


Unknown said…
What a great idea =) And those compartize trays are the best.
Genius!!! There are so many little crafty bits around my house that are just dying to be organized!
Unknown said…
I love the idea of using what you have at home. Thanks for the tisp!

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