Zevia - Keeping a promise

A few months ago I met the great people of Zevia. An all natural soda with zero calories. I received a few samples to take home and share with my family. I have to say that I enjoyed the lemon lime over ice.  When I met them they took my information and promised to send my school a few samples for us to try. I thought how great it would be to share with my son's school this great product.  A few days ago I received an email confirming that they would deliver cases to our Elementary school. I was in shock that they remembered after all these months and that they followed through. 

Zevia kept their promise and delivered 14 cases of all natural soda to our campus. The school secretary was in shocked too. (Well not too much. Since the week before we received 800 copies of  Sunset California guide.)  The schools PTA was very thankful for the donation. Right now the soda is behind lock and key. No one has access to these yummy drinks. They will be unveiled at the Silent Auction and Teacher Appreciation day.

Thank you Zevia for keeping your promise and donating drinks to our public elementary school. I can't wait to see the students, teachers, parents and others enjoying  Zevia.

You can find Zevia at a store near you:

Whole Foods
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