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We want to wish you lots of love, abundance, and happiness for the coming year 2018.
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Winter Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are always so much fun. During the winter season going on field trips can be difficult because of the weather. We want to keep you traveling and getting hands-on experience all year long. Here is a list of places you can visit during the cold season and get field trip experience.   
Southern California

Art and Cultural Centers -  The Art and Cultural centers are amazing during winter. They often offer special shows or artists that bring the season to life. Check their calendar of events to plan your next visit.
The Bowers Museum  - https://www.bowers.org/
The Getty  - http://www.getty.edu/museum/
Mission Inn  - https://www.scfta.org/http://www.missioninn.com/
Segerstrom - https://www.scfta.org/events/detail.aspx?id=17317
Aquariums - Fish, Sharks and lots of marine life await to be admired by you and your family. Many aquarium's offer special events and deals during the week. Always check their calendar of events for the next family night deal because it could save you money on entertainment. Sometimes they offer free admission to local residents. Go to their website to find out more:
Aquarium of the Pacific  - http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/
Birch Aquarium - https://aquarium.ucsd.edu/
border town

Border Towns - Towns near the border are often filled with many different types of adventures. We visited the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego and discovered a beautiful beach filled with marine life. 
Cabrillo National Monument -https://www.nps.gov/cabr/index.htm
San Diego Visitor Center
Visit Mexico
field trips

Christmas Tree Farms can be a great start to your holiday season. Tree farms have a great background for a holiday picture. California offers a list of farms near you. All you have to do is type in your zip code to locate the nearest farm. Sharing the link with you here: Pick your own Christmas Tree http://www.pickyourownchristmastree.org/CAxmastrees.php
field trips

Libraries - Almost all local libraries have special events every week. Some offer crafts while others bring in magicians or book authors. Stop by the library to find out what they have for the community.  You will be surprised all the services they offer during the holiday season. 
Los Angeles County Libraries - http://www.colapublib.org/
Orange County Libraries - http://www.ocpl.org/
San Diego County Libraries - http://www.sdcl.org/
Museums - Local museums have so much to offer. They have new exhibits on every season. We call it food for the soul. Just look for a museum that calls your name and get lost in the beauty of it all. 
LACMA - http://www.lacma.org/art/collection/costume-and-textiles
Natural History Museum -https://nhm.org/site/
The Autry - https://theautry.org/
Palm Springs Museum - https://palmspringsairmuseum.org/
Shopping Malls - The shopping malls are filled will events and performances during the holiday season. Tree lighting ceremonies are one of the most popular celebrations during this time of the year. This usually means music, crafts, and other activities for shoppers. Take advantage of all the festive events and visit the mall during the winter months.
Irvine Spectrum - https://www.shopirvinespectrumcenter.com/
South Coast Plaza - http://www.southcoastplaza.com/
LA Farmer's Market - https://www.farmersmarketla.com/
Topanga Mall - https://www.westfield.com/topanga

For more fun adventures and great field trip ideas go to our Facebook page and click on events.

Facebook Field Trip Mom Events - https://www.facebook.com/FieldtripmomFTM/

We hope you have a great winter and enjoy field tripping. 

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. 


How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Turkey Decoration.

Family and Thanksgiving is always a great time to get creative with a craft. Make this fun and easy brown paper bag turkey decoration and have your guests wanting to take it home with them! It all starts with things you have around your house and a few you might need to purchase. 
Let me share with you the items I used to make our table decorations: One brown bag, two small brown lunch bags, white paper (for the drumstick tips), tissue paper (stuffing for the inside), string, tape, a stapler, large popcorn bag from your favorite place and two small snack size bags of caramel corn or kettle corn. 
Personal story: We wanted to make our own organic popcorn to gift our friends, so we tried to pop it ourselves over the stove top. We recommend you do not try this at home unless you are a professional cook. It took us several hours to make one Brown Bag Turkey to gift because we kept burning the organic popcorn. What we did to make things easier and improve the process of making several turkeys was to shop at Trader Joes. LOL!!!! Yes, homemade popcorn is delicious but we will leave it to the professionals.
Depending on the size of your brown bag, it may take two to three bags and some stuffing (colorful tissue paper) to make the body of the brown bag turkey. Start by turning your brown bag inside out to get rid of any store logos that may be printed on the bag. Place the popcorn in the bag and stuff tissue paper around it. The bottom of the bag must be nice and full. The opening of the bag must be less filled so that you can fold at an angel and staple. See picture below. 

To make the turkey legs you will need two small popcorn bags of a different flavor. We used Kettle corn from Trader Joe's. Fill the small bags with the snack size popcorn bags. Then use the cotton string to tie it towards the end. Make sure to twist the end of the bag as you tie it. Then cut a piece of white paper into a small stripe of paper. It should be 8 inches long and about 2 inches tall. Cut small slits about 1/4 apart. This white piece will be used at the end of the turkey legs. Then tape the white paper to ends of the turkey legs to make it look fancy.   See picture above for reference. 

Once you have two legs and one turkey body it is time to glue it together. This is when you will use the hot glue gun. Glue the legs on the body with the white piece sticking out a little from the thin side of the turkey body. 
family activity
Make a few to decorate your home and to have on-hand for gift giving. Open one popcorn turkey to share with your guests and then surprise them with one to take home. It is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!!!!


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Halloween Creepy Popcorn Hand Treat for Kids.

Simple Halloween treat for your family. Popcorn, Candy Corn and a little food coloring spray will make this creepy hand. Ingredients you will need can be found at your local grocery store. The plastic glove is used to handle food. I found them in the paper plate and napkin isle. The plastic spider ring was purchased at my local party store. I made about 65 creepy hands for two classrooms. It took a few hours to put together.
List of items for this project are as followed: Candy Corn, popcorn (already popped or pop your own), plastic food grade clear gloves, string to tie the bottom of the plastic glove, spray food coloring to color the popcorn (This is not necessary.) You can add a little spider ring or something to make it stand out. 
This project is very flexible. Don't like popcorn or candy corn? No, problem. Use other ingredients that you enjoy. Candy, cereal, potatoe chips and Jelly beans work well too!
Hope you have a wonderful Fall season. :)

Halloween Events and more

Southern California offers many Fall, Harvest and Halloween events. Some of these are free to the public and others may require a small fee to attend. We make it easy for you to see these events on our calendar which is filled with things to do. See our Facebook page Field Trip Mom, for many fun things to do in Southern California. Like our FB page and get updates as they are happening:


Saint John Neuman Catholic Church will be hosting a fun Trunk or Treat. Please make sure to RSVP by contacting the church before attending.

Location: 5101 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604

Mount of Olives Church
Trunk or Treat: Children in 5th grade and younger are invited to wear costumes and "trunk or treat" from car to car! This FREE night of fun for the whole family includes trunk or treating, carnival games, candy and music! Plus, they'll have food trucks selling dinner for those interested. Share this post with friends and family - it's going to be a BLAST! All are invited to wear costumes - keeping in mind this is a children's event. Learn more about this event and other activities for kids and families at our website: http://mookidcity.com/

The City of Carson's Trunk or Treat Event is Free to All!! There will be games & activities for all ages. They will be selling burgers and hot dogs for $5.00 per plate. All proceeds will benefit the Dolphin Park Volunteer Association. 

Date & Time: Friday, October 17, 2017, 5 PM - 9 PM 
Location: Dolphin Park, 21205 Water St. Carson, CA 90745
For more information, please call (310) 549-4560.
We hope to see you there!!!


Katie Brown's DIY Homemade Halloween Mother Nature Costume

Katie Brown's DIY Homemade Halloween Mother Nature Costume video. Take a look and make your own. It is really easy to make. Happy Halloween.


Only the brave teach!

It's back to school month. Most teachers are getting their classrooms ready for the next ten months. Their hopes are that all the planning they did during the summer pays off. Most parents do not know that state budget cuts have really impacted our public school system. These cuts don't allow for classroom supplies students need.  Basic items like Kleenex, pencils, and paper are no longer in the budget.  In Irvine, CA, we have an increase in the student population due to city growth and development.  Our schools are busting at the seams. Our middle school has 1100 students among grades 7th and 8th only. Teachers are given the bare minimum as a result of these budget cuts.  While many parents don't understand why teachers are asking for donations, the reason is quite simple.  Schools with higher student academic performance receive less funds from the state because the state feels the budgetary needs must go to areas with lower test scores to ensure those students can be provided the same opportunity as other students. 
So the trends you are now seeing include new teachers posting wish lists for the basic necessities of their classroom. These lists are made for parents who want to help their students thrive. The list is usually labeled, "donations". These donations will help make life easier for every student in the classroom.

More experienced teachers have felt the impact of some parents complaining about donating school supplies.  So too often, these teachers hear, "I pay my taxes!" so they will quietly post a small message on the whiteboard for parents to ask how they can help. They make no announcement of the needs unless someone asks. They have learned to go without; funding upward of $2,000 of their own pay check for these basic needs for your child.  Some will simply let the students wipe their runny noses on their sleeves. If parents don't donate Kleenex, then where is the child to get one.  Cleaning wipes help ensure your child doesn't get the flu from her or his classroom neighbor. All donations immediately benefit your child. 

We implore you to help our public schools by donating classroom supplies or gifting a small gift card to your child's teacher. Just ask the teacher how you can help! You will be surprised to know how little they really need to make life easier for you and your child.  See this heart warming video for the extremes some teachers have gone for your child. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. I am not brave enough to be a teacher. Just a fan. 


OC Great Park Sports Complex located in Irvine is now open.

Irvine, California is home to the Orange County Great Park. The city has partnered with Five Point Communities to create a beautiful place to play and live. They have been creating modern master-plan communities since 1971. This summer, the OC Great Park opened their 194 acre sports complex. It is part of the parks 1,300 acres that once was home of the U S Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro. The Marine base is an important part of Orange County history operating between 1942 - 1999. Now, the city of Irvine is creating a green space that could rival Central Park in New York. The Orange County Great Park Sports Complex has opened phase one including a championship soccer stadium, 6 lighted soccer fields, numerous athletic fields, beach volleyball courts, and 25 tennis courts with a pro shop and concessions. 
The OC Great Park is located at 6950 Marine Way within the city of Irvine, home to more than 260,000 residents. It is the cities excellent public schools and safe city reputation for some of the main reasons people are moving here everyday. The OC Great Park is fast becoming the place for Southern California residents to enjoy their outdoor weekend athletic and daily life experiences. 
Important information you should know: "Planned in conjunction with the City of Irvine since 2013, the Sports Park is funded and built by FivePoint’s partnership (Heritage Fields, LLC) with the city as part of the company’s broader commitment to develop and improve 688 acres of the Great Park with public amenities. The FivePoint partnership plans to spend approximately $250 million creating its portion of the Great Park, an estimated $75 million more than required by agreements with the City of Irvine. The Sports Park is on track to become the largest public multi-sport facility in California and one of the largest in the United States." Source: City of Irvine
The 194-Acre sports park is fast growing popular with young families and local athletics because of all the amenities. It is very easy to access the park from the 5 freeway and Sand Canyon. Surrounding the park are NEW homes and great public schools to help create a new and vibrant lifestyle. 

As the community continues to grow in and around the OC Great park, Irvine will become the Central Park of Southern California. Come out and enjoy the fun in the sun activities the OC Great Park has to offer.

Compare the Orange County Great Park to the following parks:

Central Park is 843 acres - The park, with a perimeter of 6.1 miles (9.8 km), was opened on 770 acres (3.1 km2) of city-owned land and was expanded to 843 acres (3.41 km2; 1.317 sq mi). 

Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre urban cultural park in San Diego, California, United States. 

Golden Gate Park, located in San Francisco, California, United States, is a large urban park consisting of 1,017 acres (412 ha) of public grounds. 

Grant Park is a large urban park in the Loop community area of Chicago. Located in Chicago's central business district, the park's most notable features are Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus 

Hyde Park is a Grade I-registered major park in Central London. It is the largest of four Royal Parks that form a chain from the entrance of Kensington Palace through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, 

Forest Park- At 1,293 acres, it is approximately 500 acres larger than Central Park in New York. 

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. Media invitation. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

Thrillist -  15 Best parks in America. 
OC Great Park-6950 Marine Way, Irvine, CA
Orange County Register - local newspaper
NBBJ  - Architecture. Design
City of Irvine -  Master-planned community since 1971
Wikipedia - Facts 


Cabazon, California is home to iconic roadside art and museum!

Cabazon, California is home to some of the largest dinosaur art pieces that we have ever seen. Mr. Rex and Dinny have been greeting road trip folks since 1975. These gentle giants reside outside a small museum offering kids and adults a fun experience. Most people consider this a nice break from driving long distances. Nearby, there is a Burger King restaurant and Hadley's Fruit Orchard for people to grab a bite to eat. The area is an unofficial rest stop for drivers on the 10 freeway.  Not too far from the Cabazon Dinosaurs, you can take a longer break with a stay at the Morongo Casino and Spa. Neighboring the casino is the Cabazon Outlet Mall, which is a giant outdoor shopping oasis hosting many famous name brand products. Both the casino and outlet shops are usually packed with people enjoying staycations. 
Artist, creator and sculptor of these realistic roadside attractions, Claude Bell, worked and retired from Knott's Berry Farm.  We find this Knott's Berry Farm connection very interesting. Mr. Bell was inspired by his childhood love of "Lucy the Elephant," a landmark in New Jersey, that is part of Zoomorphic Architecture royalty. The sculptors took approximately (11) eleven years to design and create Mr. Rex and Dinny. When you see these gentle giants, it is evident that lots of love and creativity went into bringing them to life. 

We recommend that you stop by and take a selfie with Mr. Rex and Dinny. There is no charge for photo taking. Admission to the museum is $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for children under 12 years old. You will find a small store inside the museum to buy souvenirs. 

Have fun going on family field trips and don't forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We would love to hear your story. 

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

Cabazon Dinosaurs Official Site - https://www.cabazondinosaurs.com/
Knotts Berry Farm - https://www.knotts.com/
Lucy the Elephant - http://www.lucytheelephant.org/
Morongo Casino Native American Reservation - https://www.morongocasinoresort.com/
Hadley Fruit Orchard - https://www.hadleyfruitorchards.com/
Weird CA - http://www.weirdca.com/location.php?location=109
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Family Field Trip to Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

We took a family field trip to Natural History Museum of Los Angeles which made for a great Saturday afternoon. We played, learned and made memories. It was one of the most fun things we have done this summer! 
Natural museum
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has opened a new exhibit. The Story of P-22 Mountain Lion exhibit is now open for the public to explore. This exhibit will help you understand why we need to protect these amazing cats. 
Family friendly museum - While you visit the Natural History Museum you will find there is something for everyone. Dinosaur fossils, Gem and Minerals, Insect Zoo just to name a few of the exhibits that are permanent. Spending an entire day is not enough time to explore this remarkable landmark of Los Angeles. 
los angeles
Family field trips are an amazing way to help your children discover their passion. We recommend that you visit Natural History Museum this summer or add it to your bucket list of things to do.
Natural History Museum invites all fans to come out and learn more about this amazing story. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017 

6:00pm - 9:30pm 

"Until 11,000 years ago, Los Angeles was home to a very different diversity of wildlife. Many species still survive today, but of the five large cats that roamed this prehistoric city only one remains: the mountain lion. Learn what caused the extinction of these legendary predators and what new challenges exist for the mountain lion’s survival, including P-22, the puma of Griffith Park. Discover how our understanding of modern day animal behavior has been influenced by new technology, such as camera traps and GPS collar technology, and how conservation efforts have been influenced by wildlife photography as well as federal-and nonprofit-led conservation efforts. Join us for a panel discussion with Steve Winter, National Geographic wildlife photographer, Jeff Sikich, carnivore biologist with the National Park Service, Emily Lindsey, Assistant Curator at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, and Miguel OrdeΓ±ana, wildlife biologist and Citizen Scientist Coordinator at the NHMLA in conversation with moderator Thomas Curwen, award-winning staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, as they delve into the topic of feline extinction and survival in Los Angeles. Read more about NHMLA's special exhibit about P-22 here." source NHM website.
COST: Non-members $10 Member $5
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. Media review only


The Cat that Changed America (2017 Movie) Official Trailer

A mountain lion in the middle of Hollywood. The scientists named him P-22 because he is the twenty-second puma that has been found and studied. The cat is now deceased but his brave story will be seen on the big screen. The trailer gives us a glimpse into his incredible life. To screen the movie, please contact https://thecatthatchangedamerica.com/

Studying P-22 then consider these sources: https://nhm.org/site/ http://www.nwf.org/Save-LA-Cougars/P22-Mountain-Lion.aspx http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-griffith-park-mountain-lion/ http://www.smobserved.com/story/2016/12/25/movies/cougar-p22-the-cat-that-changed-america-a-mountain-lion-documentary-film/2408.html Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.


Serrano Creek Park a fun place to play and explore nature.

Right outside of Irvine, California in between homes and businesses, there is a small quiet park. It is filled with large trees and a small creek. The park offers a playground area and facilities which are open to the public. This is a perfect place to have your kids run, jump and explore nature. We often take the kids here to look for butterflies and squirrels. We do not suggest playing in the creek because the water looks a little suspect but it is still visually appealing to the overall scenery. The fallen leaves and branches on the ground could be turned into natures treasures for children to explore. The park connects to Serrano Creek Trail which is approximately 13.3 miles. 
We suggest you bring a picnic lunch or snacks because you won't want to leave Serrano Creek Park. It has some of the most beautiful trees and walking trails. The trees cover you in a gentle shade and protect you from the sun. This park is truly nature in the midst of the city.  You can visit the park at: 25101 Serrano Rd, Lake Forest, CA 92630


Groupon Coupons are here to help you save money.

Groupon coupons are here to help us save money on life's essentials, travel and entertainment. Our family uses coupons to help make our dollars stretch. For us, every dollar matters. We clip coupons, search for promo codes and find deals before we open our wallets. This week, we are using the free Groupon site filled with coupon codes, discounts and special offers. Today, we are using them to save on Back to School Shopping at Target.  Groupon is working with 9,000 retailers to give shoppers over 70,000 discount opportunities. This means there is savings for every style of shopper. Disclaimer: Sponsored Post. #AD
Old Navy, HomeDepot, JcPenny and many more well-known brands are on the Groupon site offering discounts on your next purchase. We recommend reviewing  the complete site to see all of the coupon choices allowing you to maximize your discounts. 
Some of the deals require email sign-up. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up to see the coupons start rolling into your email inbox. With a little time and some planning the savings can be significant. We recommend you try the coupons on your next in-store purchase to see the immediate savings. 

Are you traveling this summer? Review the incredible deals on travel and entertainment on the Groupon Coupon site. Seaworld deals, Orbitz Promo Codes, Ticket Master, Fandango are offering deals and discounts to make your life more adventurous and fun! Saving extra money will you allow you to have even more fun with your family and friends!!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. #AD 


Unplug and reconnect while looking for Blue Whales in Long Beach.

Recently, Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze took us out in search of Blue Whales. This was not our first trip and we knew what to expect. The kids and I felt comfortable sailing away on a perfect Tuesday morning. What would happen next was truly unexpected. As we sailed away, my children sat and enjoyed the view. They quietly nestled onto the top deck, smelled the ocean breeze and searched for wild life in the sky and sea. They seemed at peace and connecting with nature. It was weird! They weren't asking a million questions or feeling anxious. Previous trips in search of whales in the Pacific Ocean had not been this quiet. With a very calm demeanor they would look into the vast ocean hoping to high-five a Blue Whale. Ahhhh....after an hour, I realized that they were not connected to the television, cellphone or video game. We were unplugged and reconnecting with our surroundings. It was beautiful to see our children be one with nature. Disclaimer: Sponsored post.
aquarium of the pacific
We were excited about just being in the moment with only the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Family field trips like this one really help to open our eyes to our surroundings. Nature is so beautiful! 
whale watching
The trip was filled with first moments but unfortunately no Blue Whales this time. We saw for the first time an ocean sun-fish aka Mola. He is a fish that has a strange body. The mouth of the sunfish is small and its teeth are fused together to form a "beak." We had never seen anything like it before. As we continued our search for Blue Whales, we encountered several dolphins feeding and playing near our boat. They were just like curious toddlers, playing and dancing. As we sailed back, the Coast Guard flew low overhead and waved to us! It was really exciting because we had never experienced that before either. Not finding Blue Whales was not disappointing because it was still an unforgettable adventure. We hope to go again soon on another ocean adventure to find whales, dolphins, ocean sunfish and bird life. In the meantime, we will have to hold on to our memories of this great peaceful adventure.
Prices are subject to change. Please visit the sponsor's website for more details http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/visit/prices_hours


General Admission | BUY NOW$29.95$17.95$26.95
General Admission
Behind-The-Scenes Tour(Ages 7 and up only) Enjoy the Aquarium, then discover what goes on behind the scenes! Now you can see it all in a one hour guided tour. |
General Admission
Blue Whale and Sea Life CruiseJoin naturalists and experts from the Aquarium of the Pacific for an ocean voyage in search of the largest animal on the planet—the blue whale. | BUY NOW
General Admission
Harbor TourTour the Long Beach/Los Angeles Harbors with Harbor Breeze Cruises for a 45-minute narrated cruise around one of the most active ports in the world. | BUY NOW
General Admission
Queen Mary/Diana Exhibit AdmissionAs a special incentive to our visitors who would enjoy experiencing both the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary, we offer a combined ticket package. This special offer is available for advance purchase by calling our Aquarium ticket office at (562) 590-3100 or by purchasing online. Tickets may also be purchased at the Aquarium and/or the Queen Mary. Queen Mary combo ticket not available 2/13/15-2/15/15, 6/12/15-6/16/15, 7/4/15, 9/4/15-9/7/15, 11/26/15, 12/24/15-12/25/15 and 12/31/15. | BUY NOW
General Admission
Los Angeles Zoo AdmissionVisit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and the Los Angeles Zoo for one great price. Please note that tickets are redeemable for up to one year from purchase date. | BUY NOW
General Admission
Natural History Museum AdmissionVisit the Aquarium and the Natural History Museum. | BUY NOW
General Admission
Los Angeles Zoo & Natural History Museum AdmissionsVisit all three attractions and save. Please note that tickets are redeemable for up to one year from purchase date. | BUY NOW

Add-On Packages

Add on a Behind the Scenes Tour and/or a 4D film to any of the ticket packages above. Add on package must be added at time of purchase.

Aquarium/Battleship IOWA Combo

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