Green 2 Go restaurant offers delicious healthy options.

What you put in your body is important because it impacts your health. Talk to a fitness expert or nutritionist and they will tell you that busy people are eating completely wrong because fast food restaurants are not offering good quality food options.  Fast food restaurants that offer organic and hormone free options are hard to find.  Recently, we had a chance to review a delicious organic fast food restaurant to help those with dietary restrictions and help you get healthier.  We were excited to taste hormone free, grass feed beef tacos. Green 2 Go has a large selection of dishes that are organic, gluten free and healthy. The menu included a kids plate of grass feed beef sliders with sliced apples. Our entire family enjoyed tasting several organic dishes. Keep reading to find out more about our experience. 

Why should you add this restaurant to places you must try: Food can heal you or make you sick. Take for example my first encounter with food attacking the human body.
The first time I realized that food allergies were dangerous, I was at work. It was a regular day and the boss had brought in bagels and cream cheese for our staff. Having food in the department was not uncommon. It seemed like someone was always bringing in something or we were celebrating a birthday, holiday or a just because day. Our team was very close and enjoying food was our common interest. On one particular day, I was in really good spirits. I had a bagel in one hand and coffee in another and it was a great way to start the day. Around 9 AM, one of my co-workers popped her head over our shared cubicle wall. I heard a faint voice ask, “Alma, Do I look okay?” I was engaged in my tasks so it took me a bit of time to look-up. I looked up and what I saw made me feel fear immediately. I saw my beautiful friend look like an ogre like Shrek. Her face was three times as big as her normal self. Her lips were red and swollen as though she had been in a fight that she lost and one eye was half swollen shut. In that moment, she must have seen the fear in my face and she said, “It’s okay, I will just go to the bathroom.” I don’t think I said anything to her. I immediately ran to get help and call 911. Sometime during the whole ordeal, I heard her say to another staff member that she had only had a taste of the cream cheese. It turns out, she was highly allergic to dairy products and this was why she was now on her way to the hospital. I was young and had never experienced anyone with food allergies before. This whole experience has stayed with me since it occurred. As a result, I do not share my food with others and we are very cautious by sticking to fruits and vegetables and Popsicles when bringing treats to our kid’s school.

Understanding food allergies and restrictive diets is a necessary part of today’s busy lives.  As we learn more about health issues and how they relate to diet, it has become evident that food is the key to health.  The eight most common allergenic foods include eggs, fish, dairy, nuts from trees, ground nuts like peanuts, shellfish, soy and wheat.  People who cannot digest gluten can have severe gastrointestinal issues.  Image your body is a state-of-the-art machine that only functions using clean meats, fruits and vegetables as fuel, however, many of us are feeding it over processed, chemically enriched and genetically modified fuels.   If your body cannot digest what you feed it then it will begin to fight itself from the inside out.  This manifests itself in forms of a rash, gastrointestinal issues, swollen body parts, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on.  It’s like filling your car’s diesel engine with unleaded gasoline…it breaks down the internal components causing knocking, stalling and major engine damage.
Clean eating is a great way to get your health back.  With busy lives, eating healthy requires pre-planning and being organized on a daily basis.  It can be overwhelming to some people who are not use to clean eating.  There are several diet plans that promise healthy results such as Paleo, Vegan, Raw, No Carb, and Gluten Free.  However, how do you stay on track with so many choices?  Unfortunately, for so many today, these options are mandatory to remain healthy.  Some might say, “I can’t afford to eat healthy!”  For those I say, clean, nutritious and healthy eating may cost more up front, but when your body receives food rich in nutrients, free of free radicals, chemicals and over processing, you eat less balancing the perception of “Too Expensive!”  The health benefits of eating clean has been proven to reduce medical bills, insurance costs and over the long term, increases life expectancy.  Try comparing the cost of clean eating without the need for doctors and hospitals versus less expensive fast food meals and its associated cost of triple bypass heart surgery or monthly insulin and other prescription medication costs.   

Green 2 Go is a restaurant that offers clean eating and healthy choices for kids and adults.  The restaurant works with health professionals, fitness trainers and nutritionists to help people recover from disease.  Green 2 Go was developed by two mothers who have had to battle with food allergies and heart disease within their own families.  The owners understand first hand why eating organic, gluten free, heart and diabetic healthy is necessary.  To them, it is necessary just like breathing air.
Operating for several years, Green 2 Go opened its restaurant, bar and bakery in Brea, CA with others, who have dietary restrictions, in mind. Their menu includes farm fresh ingredients straight to your table with classic plates such as burgers, tacos, salads, Paninis,  sandwiches and rice bowls. They offer delicious bakery items for the morning grind or to top off your dinner date. Catering is available and they offer special event and gourmet food truck experiences. The Field Trip Mom family received the opportunity to enjoy a few of the Green 2 Go specialties so we could share our experience with our readers. WARNING: Addictive behaviors can present themselves after indulging in this restaurant style, clean eating experience in the fastest of food delivery. Don’t wait in line for fast food with MSG, GMOs and processed foods, get clean food fast at Green 2 Go.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
For this culinary experience, we ordered the kids Beef Sliders with organic apple slices, the soup of the day which was Turkey Chili, Leaf Lettuce Tri-Tip Tacos, and a House Turkey Burger on Squaw Bun, custom dressed with caramelized onions, house guacamole, sauteed mushrooms and feta cheese. We completed our meal with a fresh baked berry cobbler and a fair trade chocolate flour less cake.  Both gluten free and delicious.  Our kids enjoyed fresh cane sugar sodas from a local vendor and my husband and I enjoyed a seasonal ginger peach iced tea.

Green 2 Go works with local vendors to offer quality fresh food. They offer local beers that are exclusive to the restaurant. This includes a Scottish Ale brewed in whiskey barrels, a Red, a Blonde and a Pilsner.  The breweries are hand picked by the owners of "Green 2 Go", by personally visiting the brew masters. They only purchase one keg and never repeat a beer to keep a local, one of a kind feel

The restaurant works with the community to bring good food, fun and celebration. They do this through hosting special events posted to their website and Facebook page. Tickets are sold for an evening of dining and tasting favorite beers. October 21st is there next event. Only $60.00 will get you in to taste local organic foods paired with locally brewed beers. Here are the details: 

October  21, 2016

Mother Earth beer dinner menu
Turkey chili
Beer- ME Blond

Brussels sprout hot salad
Beer- hop diggity IPA

Bbq sandwich
Beer- Hocho hefe

Berry cobbler
Beer- Blend beer Cali Creamin and sin tax call it Cali sin

Be the first 20 people to order online and you will be entered to win a dinner for 2.
Disclaimer: We were hosted to review a few items on the menu. No payment was received for this review. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 
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