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The open road is a great place to learn so many lessons. Every summer, our family takes a road trip to learn about nature and visit family. My husband does most of the driving and I read the maps while our kids find ways to entertain themselves. Our Mazda is over packed with supplies and things we never use on the trip but find it necessary to drag with us (mainly my idea). One thing is for sure, there are thousands of places to eat, shop and stop to get supplies. Still, I find it necessary to be prepared for any emergency. Everytime we hit the road, I promise myself that I won't over pack. This year is no exception.
field trip
When I see this picture, it makes me laugh because of the silly moments we shared on the road last summer. But one thing I won't forget about last year's road trip is the fall I took trying to eat Chinese Egg Rolls. You see, we were 6 hours away from home and I saw a fast food restaurant that sells Egg Rolls. We stopped in and the heavy rain had filled the restaurant's floor with water from the leaky ceiling.  As I went to pick-up my order, I fell flat on my back and split my elbow as well as hurt my leg, back and head. The kids were crying as I laid on the floor. I had to roll myself to my youngest son to calm him down. He thought I had died. It was a very hard moment for all of us. 

This picture reminds me that the road trip was worth it all. I don't eat many Egg Rolls these days because my kids associate that meal with me falling. I know it's silly, but it happened last summer and I am just now able to talk about it without crying. 

I learned a few lessons last summer during our road trip. One is, things happen that are beyond your control. Two, laugh more and be silly. Three, don't eat Egg Rolls on a road trip. 

Family moment we won't soon forget. 

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