The movie "HOME" is out in theatres today.

The movie, "HOME" is out today. My family and I received an opportunity to watch it a few days before the release to review it. We were included as part of their media screening. My family and I experienced the purple carpet! 
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My personal opinion:
I have to say that I cried and laughed super loud.  Home was inspiring to me because of the human connection it discussed.  "HOME!"  Home is a word that brings an instant feeling of belonging.  Throughout the movie, I knew that home was a very important part of film.  The filmmakers did a great job sending several messages of hope, compassion and forgiveness.  This is a must see movie.  Bring tissues and be ready to hug your loved ones after the movie. 
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Jim Parsons plays Oh, one of the main characters along with Rihanna (playing Tip or Gratuity Tip Tucci ) and Jennifer Lopez (Tip's Mom).  Steve Martin plays the character of Captain Smek. This is a movie for ages 7 and older because there is some sad parts. 

The Boov Alien's invade Earth and one little girl (Tip) doesn't get transported to the new human location. She is separated from her mom and her adventure begins when she meets "OH", the most unliked Boov in the entire Universe. Things get worse when the Boov's realize "OH" has sent an invitation for a party to their enemy by mistake.  Oh, the Alien, becomes a fugitive and runs away with Tip to help her find her mom.  One scared alien and one kid connect while they fight off being captured.  It's a great inspiring movie that had me liking all the characters.  I hope you enjoy it too. 

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