A letter to my mom.

Dear Mom,
I want to say thank you for taking care of me. I know that you had many struggles and life was hard for you. Through it all you never missed caring for me. I always had clothes that were well made with your own two hands. You cooked meals for us after you worked long days. One of the fondest memories is the smell of your hands. There was one day, when I was about (4) four years old, I held your hands and kissed them only to smell that days dinner. Your hands always made delicious meals. That is when I realized that your soft hands were amazing. That memory is still with me today. I know you hated your hands because of the arthritis that lived in them. However, I see them as special and loving. Your hands are a blessing to me.
I was (6) six when I decided I wanted the squirrel that lived outside our house as a pet!  You did not say no, which was strange because you always said no.  I think I must have really made my case. Next thing I know you tried to catch it for me.  I am sorry it fought back and it tried to bite you.  I hope you did not get hurt too bad.  

Then there were the times that we would get lost on the bus. Every time the bus company in Los Angeles would change routes and bus numbers it made life interesting for us.  Neither you nor I could read back then, so we would go on "Let's try to find home adventures". What it meant for us was that we would lose our way home. I did not know we were lost  because we couldn't read the notices and bus routes.  I just thought it was your way of teaching me how to find home, if I ever got lost.  Looking back now, you must have been scared. You never showed me how terrified you were about so many things.  You were always brave for me.  I know that must have been hard on you. I rarely saw you cry about how poor we were, how far away we were from family and how lost you must have felt.  What is really amazing is that you handled hard situations with wisdom and a can do attitude.  I hope I make you proud.  I love you to the moon and back and then some more mom.
Love you,
Note: My mother is struggling with illness. She is not able to do anything for herself. She is cared by my siblings and I am very blessed to have them.  On this Mother’s Day I choose to remember all the fun and loving moments my mother and I shared. There are so many moments that I could fill pages.  I am sharing a few with you on this special day. I hope that you have a great Mother’s Day weekend. 


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. By Helen Keller
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