Friday, March 2, 2012

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Life is very curious. You never know where you will find your next adventure. As I sat and listened to travel industry leaders, I realized that traveling outside the US would be next for our family.  To learn first-hand about a country is the ultimate lesson plan. I have avoided the subject, because I thought it was to too hard or too expensive. For a while now I have known that learning about other countries through travel is necesary for my children's education. My sister and brothers have encouraged it because we have family in another country and know first-hand to the benefits. They often travel to and from Mexico to visit aunts, uncles and cousins. Every year they ask if I will be joining them, like when we were younger, and every year I say no. Instead I go to YouTube or wait for their pictures to arrive. Pictures and video do not have the same feel as  meeting the locals, eating the food and enjoying the destination. Through travel you build memories that stay with you even after your vacation is over. I know because my kids can't stop talking about our last trip that we took to Minnesota. The kids got to fish and then eat their catch. They watched grandpa clean the fish and we all looked in amazement. Now when we go to the market and walk by the fish the kids say remember when we went fishing for dinner?

Travel is all around me and in my community. Just in my immediate family and neighbors I know of several overseas trips that will happen this year. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures and the hear the stories.  Most of the families in our neighborhood travel every holiday to visit their families in Korea, Japan, India, Middle East and as far as Australia. It is not unusual for my son's classmates to be absent due to an out of the country travel. Travel is very much a topic of discussion in his second grade class here in Irvine. Just the other day his friend Colton moved to Hong Kong. My son asked if we could go there someday to visit his friend. I told him that we would have to be penpals first.  I am sure he is wondering why we don't travel outside the US like the other kids do? After listening to the panel at Jetset Social, I feel that it is attainable and that it is a necessity. With a little research and with my adventure hat, it can happen. Who doesn't want to teach their Children about different cultures and foods through travel. Maybe that is the secret to a balance education? Field Tripping around the world could be the next adventure.  I can just imagine how much fun my kids would have visiting the beaches of Thailand or fishing in Michoacan, Mexico.  I will add World Travel to my wish list of things to do with the family.

I want to say thank you to everyone involved with Jetset Social for the great information.

To learn about the travel industry and hear the leaders of travel go to: hosted the "Jetset Social 2012" it was held in Los Angeles on Sunday February 26th, 2012. It was a great opportunity for me to hear what is happening in travel. The event hosted (6) key travel persons who are industry leaders: Johnny Jet, travel expert and founder of, a leading online travel site, James Densmore the celebrity “Go-To Travel Guy” of CTS Travel; Jeff Greif Owner and Editor of; Ashley Colburn host of TakeOff on Wealth TV; Lee Abbamonte Travel Writer and Gobal Adventurer, and Stacy Dreyfus Owner of Orchid Worldwide Resorts and Excapes. The Moderator was Amy Swift, Founder of SMARTY in Los Angeles.
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