A Complete Stranger Helped Me

Elle, Brigitta and Me!
For years I have been part of online moms groups. I mainly began to follow them after my hospital stay while I was pregnant. Throughout the years I used it as a "Dear Abby"  format. I would answer other moms questions or suggest  ideas. More and More I used  the online group to find things to do and get discounts. I was really convinced that there was no one out there listening to what I was typing. As I was going through a difficult moment of regretting my new address move, I reached out to my online moms group. Announcing that to find my true calling and re-inventing my career I had decided to start a blog. I reached out to all the moms in the group looking for a positive response. Immediately the owner of the moms group deleted my post and sent me an email. I call it a rejection email. She had stated that it was against group policy to promote your blog. New to blogging I was confused as to why she would be against it. I felt in one moment so embarrassed and small. I had been a loyal member and now I needed a hand to find my calling. It felt incredibly hard and painful.  I realized I needed to stop being embarrassed and remove myself from the group. I wrote a good-bye email and in that moment I erased years of group participation. I felt very sad to say good-bye to such an interesting group.

What happen next was not expected. The next day I had opened my email and noticed  several emails from moms in the group. They all expressed their sadness to see me go. Moms I had never exchanged emails with or knew personally. Some of them made suggestions to apologize to the group organizer. It all was so great. Hearing from other moms meant that they had been there the whole time listening to me. It brought me to tears. I was really moved by their kind acts.
The first person to email me was Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley, she was very kind with her words. Telling me to hang in there and push on. She encouraged me to continue with my blog and not let negative comments get in the way. At least that is what I remember. As I pushed on month after month of getting past the fear of being read. Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley sent me an invitation to a blogger event in August to attend a blogger event at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was another small act of  kindness by forwarding me an invitation to a blogger event that helped me to continue with writing the blog. She has been an angel to me. Brigitta's encouragement and small acts of kindness have changed me.  In a moment of despair I needed a kind word, a gentle push and encouragement. A complete stranger who saw my words on an a message board and replied made all the difference to me.

I was very lucky to meet Brigitta in person this summer at OC blogger Bash. She was kind, soft spoken and very friendly. Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley who is with MOMSLA has been an inspiration of kindness. A stranger who believed I could and helped me push fear to the side. I am writing this post to tell her how much it meant that she took the time to help me.

 Brigitta thank you for being so kind and sharing your invitation with me. It made a world of difference in my life and my family's life. May you find kind people to help you with you dreams. Know that you have a friend in me always. Thank you, Alma

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