Healthy Snack Ideas for Halloween

Recently, life has given me a new educational opportunity to address healthy eating habits. I have been challenge to learn about Gluten free, sugar free and foods that prompt allergic reaction. Creating a fun experience in the classroom without sugar is easier than I expected. Healthy eating and planning a classroom event are easy to do.

For some people without allergies it can be challenging to find gluten free, sugar free and anti-allergy fun foods. When I think of these foods, I see a cardboard box in my head. I remember the time I tried to eat gluten free cookies a few years back. I can still taste the cardboard. I hated it!!! I never thought I would have to go there again. However, I did a little digging around and there is a ton of options.

Introducing these options to young kids is easier then expected. A few ideas: fresh fruit, veggie plate, Jello, Rice Krispie treats, Tooties Rolls and Carmel Apples are just a few of the options. You may find a list on Gluten Freeville and Gluten Free Mommy just to name a few resources. You can also go to Mother's, Sprout and Wholefoods Markets to find more fun snacks. As you can see there are lots of options for creating a healthy snack for those with and without food allergies.

If you do a little planning you can create a fun experience for your kids and have it be gluten, sugar free and healthy.  You will need to be creative, artistic and willing to explore new ideas. You can turn foods into fun shapes and characters to make it more enjoyable. Just look at what others have done to make food fun.

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Just for fun: Make a fun decoration, while you recycle.

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